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Find out how zenloop can help you automate your Customer Experience.

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We're here to help

Find out how zenloop can help you automate your Customer Experience.

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Perfecting Customer Relationships.

With zenloop's action-driven CX automation platform.
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  • Desktop view of the top labels in the zenloop platform analytics section
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  • Desktop view of the zenloop analytics dashboard
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Let us guide you through our platform and learn about all the benefits.

Our Action-Driven Platform Modules

  • Customer Intelligence

    Customer Intelligence

    Obtain customer feedback at key touchpoints points along the customer journey with the best technology.

    Feedback collection along the customer journey / selection of CX metrics and survey technologies / enrichment with customer data

  • Continuous Innovation

    Continuous Innovation

    Analyze causes of customer churn, identify areas for improvement, and monitor trends.

    Text and sentiment analysis / Identification of churn and loyalty drivers / CX monitoring over time

  • Customer Centricity

    Customer Centricity

    Live customer centricity company-wide and provide real-time customer feedback across departments and teams.

    Mobile app / customizable live dashboards and email reports / integrations to collaboration tools

  • Retain at Scale

    Retain at Scale

    Gain insights into customer feedback, use them, and win back customers in an automated and personalized way.

    ESP and support tool integrations / automated detractor routing / personalized targeting

  • Brand Advocacy

    Brand Advocacy

    Leverage the potential of loyal customers for free referrals and improving your online reputation.

    Identification and monitoring of brand advocates / auto-routing of ambassadors to rating portals

Our Know-how at a Glance

The ROI of Customer Experience Management
Learn how NPS-based Customer Experience Management can be linked to financial metrics and calculate Return on Investment (ROI).
8 min read / Donwload now >

What is NPS®?
We explain how the NPS determines the probability of customers recommending a company and how the results can be used effectively.
10 min read / Continue reading >

KELLER Group Uses NPS® for a Targeted Customer Approach
Find out how KELLER Group uses the NPS to effectively address (dis-)satisfied customers, increasing the AOV and shopping cart size.
7 min read / Continue reading >
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Personalized & Automated Customer Retention

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Our Customer Success Stories

Steve Crolic Steve Crolic

Automated Analyses

"By using zenloop, we don’t waste time with manual analysis. The Smart Labels provide us with actionable insights on churn drivers and opportunities for improvement."

Steve Croclic / HelloFresh

Head of Voice of the Customer

Julia Dimmler Julia Dimmler

Identify Pain Points

"With zenloop, we identify our customers' biggest pain points along their customer journey and can determine effective action measures to be taken."

Julia Dimmler / Betty Bossi

CRM Lead

Julia Bösch Julia Bösch

Expand Customer-Centricity

"Customer centricity is the key for our company's success. zenloop helps us focus on the customer and to communicate insights instantly to all stakeholders."

Julia Bösch / Outfittery

Chief Executive Officer

Contorion image Contorion image

Maximize Onsite Conversion

"By reacting to customer feedback in an automated manner, we’ve been able to significantly increase repurchase rates. The zenloop integration took only a few hours.."

Martin Gödicke / Contorion

Senior Vice President Marketing

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