This is How Marketing Managers Boost Revenues and Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Grow Revenue Instantly
Identify and fix customer issues along the entire journey
Leverage Brand Advocates
Use loyal customers for referrals and positive reviews
Increase Customer Retention
Identify and retain unhappy customers before they churn
Get Insights from Feedback Comments
Smart labels & sentiments extract insights from feedback comments enabling real understanding of customer feedback.
Forward Feedback to Responsible Stakeholders
Alerts and digests support organizations in routing relevant feedback to responsible stakeholders and departments.
Pass on Promoters to Review Portals
Auto-forward happy customers to relevant review portals and gain more positive ratings on the internet.
Target & Win Back Churning Customers
Customer support integrations help agents to identify churning customers and immediately kick off win back actions.
More than 650.000 Satisfied Users of our Customers
Additional Features of zenloop
Data Warehouse Export
Raw Data Access
ESP Integrations (emarsys, Salesforce etc.)
GDPR Compliance
DE Hosting
Multiple Brand Support
Retention Consulting
Data Segmentation
Multiple Channel Support
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